by Vishal Modha, Founder & CEO
Sep 30 2019, 7:12pm

Driven by our motivation to pioneer truly sustainable infrastructure, and our love for regenerative materials, we set out to build a bamboo and hemp bicycle. Bamboo is not just strong; it’s also durable, attractive, and sustainable. Better yet, it acts as a natural shock absorber and is extremely light weight, making it the perfect material to make a bike out of.

We were inspired by the works of Craig Calfee who went from building carbon fiber bicycles for champions to building bamboo bicycle frames.

Bamboo is the words fastest growing woody plant

Guinness Book of World Records

We went to London and built a bamboo cruising bike that rides like a dream and looks stunning. The bicycle is bound using a mixture of resin and hemp fabric fiber and the entire frame is made to measure for your body. This is a truly ergonomic bicycle that is tailored towards maximum speeds whilst maintaining the upmost comfort.

The type of bamboo used to make this bicycle is Tonkin bamboo, well studied species of bamboo recognized for its ability to withstand exposure from rain and sunlight – the two elements that degrade bamboo.
The bamboo bicycle is treated with a protective layer that needs to be re-applied every couple of years to protect from the elements.

With the same amount of maintenance as a metal bike, the bamboo bicycle can last for decades.